We choose sustainable materials for a new approach to the world.
And for the world.

Resin floors and walls are multi-layered systems. They are carefully crafted through a precise and delicate series of steps. When creating new products in our laboratories, we seek out the least impacting materials for the large multi-layered surface that accommodates us all: the Earth.


We create antibacterial resins that protect our surfaces. Especially those who use them.

Resins have always protected us. Incense has purified our environments for centuries, but today we have new needs.
Which is why we have created new composite resins in the laboratory that safeguard our hygiene.
Antibacterial agents are present in our products right from the design stage.


Our style is balance. Between the most refined technology and the most expert craftsmanship.

In the laboratory and the workshop. The formulas we create that innovate our industry and the work tools we use to continue the tradition of craftsmanship. The advice we provide and the dreams we make come true.

We understand that beauty is only created where there is harmony.


We don’t just guide you in selecting the materials and colors of the floor you want. But also who will apply them for you.

We work with the professionals who will work for you: we present our materials’ innovative characteristics to the certified craftsmen in our training centre who will apply them for you. Just as you would like.

Browse through our 6 collections and rethink the spaces you own. An exciting but difficult choice, between seductive and varied options that combine form and material, design and functionality.

All collections feature a bold character and share the same high-performance materials, without compromise. Whether wanting to project classic or modern, urban or country, essential or material. With the experience and mastery of an artisanal installation.

The LIGHT, LIGHT XL, SHIMMER and CLOUD collections are available in 24 exclusive color schemes. The SHADOW and STORM collections are each presented in 3 color combinations. Additional color combinations are available on request.

Each collection has its own characteristic color rendering with original variations of tones, shades and marbling that are typically found in artisan creative processes.

We recommend that you evaluate some samples before commissioning a project.

You won’t have to worry about the technical and design aspects of the resin. Rely on your retailer for a turnkey cost estimate. A free and non-binding inspection by a qualified applicator will clear up any doubts you may have.

Focus only on your excitement: choose the collection and the color you prefer from the many options available in our catalogue. We will take care of everything else.

Contact us now by phone, email or by completing the available form.

We will answer you immediately for any requests you may have.


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